The Fairway Market deli carries a selection of quality cheeses from around the world. The choices are vast and you won’t need a passport to try these items, all you need is to travel to your nearest Fairway Market. Try cheeses from the Netherlands (Dutch Goudas), Germany (German Butter), France (Leroy Brie), Britain (Dubliner) or travel a few steps down the cheese cooler to the Italian section for the Reggiano Grano Padano. Locally, in British Columbia, we produce top quality cheeses as well – island companies Paradise Island Cheese to the Village to Bothwell & Village Artesian types cheeses.

Not only does the Fairway Market Deli carry a fine choice of cheeses, but an extensive medley of fresh sliced meats. We work with nationwide companies like Freybe Lekker, Schneider meats, Maple Leaf Foods and Lilydale Poultry to provide you with your favourite cured meats (natural selections & fat free choices).

The Fairway Market deli department works with many partners locally and nationwide to ensure we provide the best selection for the best price. We strive to look for the tastiest and newest fanfare to satisfy the connoisseur in you. We have partnered with local businesses like Arbutus Ridge for assorted salads and local Greek favourite, Eugene's Restuarant, for their much desired homemade Hummus and Tzatziki dips. We will continue searching for local partners to bring ethnic and creative culinary experiences into your home.

Fairway Market has expanded the food experience further by offering:

 - 'To Go' meals for the days you are rushing out the door
 - Made Fresh Daily - SUSHI
 - Try the daily hot meal specials or take home deli creations and heat up at home!
 - Sub & Sandwiches built the way you want!

For your gatherings we are able to offer delicious selections from freshly created platters, not only can we cater the traditional sandwich/wrap, cheese/meat, fruit and dessert platters – Fairway Market can offer our customers Chinese dishes made from our own Chinese kitchen – traditional chow mein, fried rice, sweet & sour pork are some of many dishes to choose from, Sushi favourites – california rolls, dynamite rolls & spicy rolls, just to name a few. 

Come visit the Fairway Market deli and relish the delightful choices you can experience.


Meat Department

Visiting the Fairway Market meat department is a culinary adventure; Fairway Market is a conventional grocery store who carries the traditional cuts and selection of meats for our consumer. As our community changes and diversifies - the customers taste has revolutionized in the last fifteen years of the gastronomic explosion of the food net work and ethnic diversity flavours. Fairway Market needs to keep up with our customers’ exploration of the culinary adventures – We Have Been!

To keep up with the trends and needs of the consumer, Fairway Market Meat Department continues to look for the best quality cuts of meats and the best price to offer to our price conscious consumer. The last ten years consumers are looking for organic, free range products and local, the Fairway Market Meat department researches for the best companies who can offer the top selection for the best price. They have worked hard to create long term relationships with island, BC and nationwide companies to meet the needs of our customers.

When consumers are shopping at the Fairway Market meat department they are going to find the traditional cuts, specialty and the ethnic cuts of meats like the prime ribs, butterfly pork chop, free range chicken, organic and antibiotic free meats and the ethnic choices like tripe, boneless shin meat, brisket and BBQ Chinese pork butt strip just to name a few.

Fairway Market selection of seafood offers the customer the choice of what the seas around the world can offer. In the seafood department you can find - Prawns from Thailand, Green Shelled Mussels from New Zealand, and Basa fish from the seas of Vietnam or from our local waters of the Pacific Coast selections like – Dungeness crab, West Coast Salmon (Pink, Chums, and Sockeye) and various types of cods and the sweet spot prawns from the BC Charlotte waters.

The Fairway meat department can meet most of the needs of the rookie or culinary experts in your household.

Our team at Fairway Market guarantees the selection in the meat department and the best price possible.






It’s Not Just Chicken, It’s Lilydale!


Whole_Roasted_ChickenLilydale Inc., established in 1940, has a reputation for providing premium quality food products throughout Canada. At its inception, Lilydale's primary business was providing eggs to Great Britain during World War II. Over more than 70 years, the Company has grown into one of Canada's leading poultry providers.



Lilydale prides itself on the diversity of its product lines. Our product offerings include both fresh and further processed chicken and turkey. Under the guidance of our Research and Development team, Lilydale constantly creates new products in order to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.



We are committed to providing Canadians with safe, wholesome, premium quality products and constantly looking for new methods and technologies that will further enhance food safety at every stage of production. As such, Lilydale has strict food safety processes and product specifications in place. We've implemented these comprehensive food safety processes and procedures as part of HACCP, the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System. (HACCP was developed by Pillsbury and NASA in the 1960s to eliminate the contamination of food for astronauts.


We also recognize the importance of minimizing our potential impact on the environment. Through an in-house corporate environmental program, we regularly monitor and strive to enhance our environmental performance.


Continued growth is our goal as we strive to maintain our position in the marketplace as a leading poultry provider. New product development continues to be a critical part of our plan in order to expand in both the retail and food service sectors. This goal, coupled with a focus on technology and marketing initiatives, will provide new opportunities for both Lilydale and its valued customers.


Visit our website at





Produce Department

Come visit our produce departments today and you will see the best variety and quality of conventional and organic produce that Mother Nature has to offer.

You will find the most extensive selections of Asian & Exotic fruits and vegetables on Vancouver Island. Colourful, flavourful fruits & vegetables grown locally - sourced from around the world to offer you the widest and finest selections of produce to visually stimulate your senses and smells to tantalize your taste buds.

Today’s customers are focused on buying local whenever possible.  The customer wants to feel the local connections associated with the conventional or organic fresh produce served in their homes. At Fairway Markets, we are proud to be the conduit to bring local and international agriculture to your neighbourhood via our stores.

We are very proud supporters of our locally & BC grown produce and have adapted the practise of “Buy BC First” in our purchasing decision. During the peak BC growing season we display over 150 locally &  BC grown products to choose from for your convenience. We have worked hard at developing partnerships and long term friendships over the years which has enabled us to deal directly with the growers. Having these close connections with the growers it has enabled Fairway Market to offer you the customers the best available quality.

We are committed to being your first choice and the right choice when you are making your produce purchases. You are always guaranteed the “Freshest” possible “Quality” fruits and vegetables “at the right price” by your most trusted produce departments at Fairway Markets.

PROUD TO BE LOCAL... We are your Original Money Saving Produce Store Fairway Markets.



Fairway Market offers a wide variety of fresh, high quality milk and dairy products in our dairy department. Locally focused, you will find our coolers stocked with select milk, cheese, butter, yogourt and ice cream products from dairy farms across Vancouver Island and British Columbia. We proudly support our local dairy farmers and their communities, working closely with Island Farms in many neighboring initiatives and active charity events.

Look for our featured local brands:

Island Farms Having built a reputation for top quality dairy products dating back to 1944, their secrets are anything but complicated, using only the freshest milk from local farms. The result is a magical combination of taste, texture, freshness and flavour, down to the very last drop.

Paradise Island Foods For more than 30 years, Paradise Island Foods has been offering fine Canadian cheesesin all colours, ages, and flavours, also in low-fat and organic varieties. Paradise Island also produces MySoy; a healthy Omega-rich cheese alternative that is Rennet, cholesterol and lactose free.

Burnbrae FarmsThe pride of Vancouver Island, these eggs are proudly local and carry the distinction of being supported by the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Health Check program.

Liberté Pure, simple, natural and good for you with no gelatin, additives or preservatives.Loved by people of all ages, Libertéis a standard of the industry in terms of flavour, purity and health.

Olympic Dairy If you’re looking for reduced fat, sweetened with fruit juice, certified organic, or a dairy free cultured soy product, Olympic is on the leading edge of developing healthy, all natural foods. They currently produce over 140 different products in a variety of sizes and flavours.

Fraser Valley Butter

In our dairy department you will also find quality products from Astro, Becel, Beatrice,Danone,Imperial, Kraft, Lactantia,Parkay, Saputo, Sealtest, and Yoplait.





Bring that oven fresh aroma home! With a range of traditional, gourmet and seasonal specialties, our bakery offers home-baked quality and freshness every day. Explore our wide selection of delicious pastries, breads, and exotic fare for every occasion. 

Fresh Baked Breads & Rolls

Nothing compares to a fresh, warm loaf of bread. Choose from our daily traditional and artisan loaves, French baguettes, and hand crafted rolls, or find a new favourite from our seasonal choices and specialty grain breads.

Sweet Offerings

Satisfy your sweet tooth in every way imaginable with elegant French pastries, bite-sized squares, miniature cheesecakes, home-baked cookies, glazed tarts, and decadent styled desserts. Our selection of sweets can satisfy everyone’s unique craving!

Cakes for Every Occasion

Let us make your celebration a success with a specialty cake made fresh to order. Choose from a variety of flavours and fillings, topped off with delicious butter cream icing or fresh whipped cream. We can bake small cakes for 1 to 3 people or large slab cakes serving up to 100 people. Visit or call our bakery department to place your customized cake order.

Handcrafted Pies

From apple to blueberry, pecan to pumpkin, nothing says dessert like fresh, home-baked pie. With a signature flakey pastry, we offer an ever-changing selection of seasonal fruit and specialty filled pies baked daily.

International Flavours

Indulge your taste buds in traditional baking from Asia and beyond. Choose from classic egg tarts, steamed buns with assorted fillings, honey and custard buns and savoury barbeque pork buns. Also look for the local Filipino delicacies we carry from Goldilock’s and Aling Mary’s Bakery.

Bakery Platters

Let our bakers make your next event memorable with a customized platter. Choose from a wide selection of items for every occasion: breakfast pastries, seasonal specialties, elegant desserts, and many more. For last-minute events we’ve got you covered!



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